Our investment focus
About us
B2B SaaS is our focus
We are experts in B2B SaaS applications. That is our focus. That is why we have built our firm around building B2B software leaders. We firmly believe in the migration to "software-as-a-service model" for B2B software companies. It requires a customer centric approach. That is our expertise. Every one of us is focused on B2B SaaS. That means we are uniquely able to invest behind and support our portfolio companies as one team.
We accelerate growth
We like start-ups, we like them a lot. Yet we don't invest in them. Our skills, expertise and experience thrive best if we can scale and grow a company that already has a decent amount of revenue and more customers than friends. We want to invest in scale-ups or further down the curve. We are experts in growth. And our funds and support are best used to accelerate growth. In the deal structure we are comfortable with both minority and majority stakes.
We invest in Europe
"Return on location" is a crucial component of our investment success, which is why we only invest in companies with European roots. That's because our real added-value is in providing hands-on strategic and operational support. It's easier to organise face-to-face meetings when everyone is just a short drive or flight away. Even with the ubiquity of video conferencing, there's still something to be said for convening in person. We think it makes sense.