ESG policy

Connected Capital’s ambition is to create exceptional returns for our investors by backing strong B2B SaaS entrepreneurs and guiding them to success through meaningful support in scaling and growing their businesses.

Each team member is personally convinced that Connected Capital needs to achieve this ambition through a responsible investment approach with integrity and fairness towards our portfolio companies, people, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment as well as broader society.

We are fundamentally committed to building long-term, sustainable businesses that grow, generate jobs and create economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The team has the collective capability to support Connected Capital’s portfolio businesses on the key drivers of growth with a clear ESG compass.

We take a broad view on ESG and are committed to following all applicable laws and regulation. Based on the nature of the investment business and the very specific B2B SaaS investment focus, Connected Capital has set 3 specific ESG priorities:

Priority 1


Connected Capital’s lead investment role and strong involvement in the portfolio makes it critical for Connected Capital to follow good and responsible corporate governance and control.

Priority 2


The PE investment space as well as B2B SaaS have significant upside in terms of diversity. Connected Capital strongly believes that more diversity will drive better business results. Connected Capital is committed to building all its businesses towards a more diverse environment.

Priority 3


Cloud SaaS businesses have significant environmental benefits in creating de-duplication and process efficiencies. At the same time, ‘The Cloud’ is building up a very significant carbon footprint of its own. Connected Capital strives to contribute to improved efficiencies and emission reductions in working on this topic with portfolio companies.